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Review Wrap Up: Apocalypse Lovers by @serenawalken

An Apocalyptic Fairytale Series) Part One

Fantasy Romance
Date Published: December 25, 2013

There isn’t a person alive that can save all the worlds from colliding into one massive apocalypse.
Except twelve year old Dominic.
Cheshire watches the humans in disgust as they discuss their plans. To take action against a woman who will enslave herself to someone willingly. A willing slave is the lowest form of creature, even to humans, on the face of Wonderland. All Cheshire can do is look on though, for fate must happen.
Except that the slave is Shay Austin the destined lover, and when she wills herself away to the White Rabbit, the ending begins.

Scritch scritch scratch. That’s the sound of Dominic drawing another figure he sees in his mind. A man with a bride riding a motorcycle of steel. A scarecrow with a witch riding a motorcycle of fire. These don’t come from his imagination. He sees them with his own eyes that only see in shades of blue.

Dominic sees what others would consider fairytales: Wonderland, Oz, fairies, werewolves, every fairytale land and creature known actually exists. His sister Cheryl keeps him secluded in their small home in Kansas, where few people can learn about his curse.
It’s not until their entire town is sucked down a dimension hole that Cheryl begins to believe he might be seeing something real after all.
Darlene Deeks is more than Dominic’s cousin. She’s the great relation of the one true Dorothy.
While at a party in a cornfield, she hears a voice coming from a scarecrow and finds a strange man painfully hanging. After she takes him down and hears his bizarre explanation, she takes back off toward her friends but sees nothing but a large hole. In fact, her entire town is gone. Stuck with a man who calls himself Scarecrow, she goes to the next town to see her grandmother. There she finds a shocking revelation about her and Scarecrow.

One that just won’t have enough time to come true before the Earth is destroyed.

Guyver works for DIM: Dimensional Investigative Missions. Having heard about the real Dorothy’s hometown being sucked under, he visits Cheryl. Her house is only one of a handful to survive. There he discovers Dominic and his rare gift. They each hurry back to DIM with Dominic, but it’s too late.
The world is doomed. Nothing can be done. But this was only one dimension, and there are millions out there still that can be saved. Like shining stars in the sky, only a tiny light went out. When a prophecy is revealed in front of Dominic, he knows that he is the one that has to reach the others who can stop it.
Other beings of different dimensions have to have a child that would tie the bonds between dimensions stronger again. However, the meaning is gentle, too gentle for others to understand. It takes more than a baby, it takes one created with a soul mate.
Yet, even that can only slowdown the apocalypse. For if even one destined lover fails, everything will perish.
It’s up to Dominic to go on a quest that is destined to kill him to save countless others. But will it physically kill him or change the person he was supposed to be?
An Apocalyptic Fairytale Series is one massive novel with eight parts at least 80k (Around 228-266 pages) Formed in a similar style to Arabian Nights, there are many mini-adventures told between the main adventures. The recommended reading order:
Apocalypse Lovers/Apocalypse Dreams/Apocalypse Journey/Apocalypse Travelers/Apocalypse Seas/Apocalypse Wicked/Apocalypse Cartoon/Apocalypse Mafia.


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