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Tour Wrap Up: Funny Fairy Tales @ReutBarak

Date Published: 13 March 2017

A long time ago
in a faraway land
there lived a woman
who was allergic to dust.
Her name was Cinderella

Funny Fairytales are a twist on the old beloved Grimm and Disney Fairy Tales. They are fun short stories people can read in a couple of minutes when waiting for the bus or on a train ride. Work just like an app, with story plot changes, new adventurous characters, mysteries and danger. 

Funny Fairy Tales 1 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

The new Snow White, with the vicious queen Anagrola, the confused and sarcastic mirror Shraga, and the most gifted seven men you've ever met. 

The traditional tale, with a new development - snow white is not pretty, but smart, the mirror, Shraga has a hate-hate relationship with the jealous queen, and the dwarfs are each craft masters. 

Funny Fairy Tales 2 – Cinderella

The new Cinderella, with the mysterious blue fairy godmother, the cunning step-sisters, and a woman, who for the life of her, just can't stop cleaning! 

The traditional tale, with a new development - a new young fairy godmother, cinderella as a neat freak allergic to dust and with step-sisters who are good and desire to save her. 

Funny Fairy Tales 3 - Red Riding Hood

The new Red Riding, with the hood that leads to fame and fortune, the mysterious wild wolf, and a grandmother so evil, she could rewrite the history of sin. Red’s not little anymore!
The traditional tale, with a new development - the grandmother is exceptionally vicious and the wolf very wise, red riding hood is a young curious and passionate woman exploring the life of fame, and the topic of false accusation is strong in the book.

Snow White


Red Riding

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Reut Barak is a freelance journalist, previously published in National Geographic online. She has an MBA from the University of Oxford, and has worked and traveled internationally. This is her first book series.

Well, no not really... The true story is:

Reut was born in Camelot in the year 1201, following the famous explosion of the northern dragon tower.

She has a degree in fantasy and science fiction from the University of Atlantis and this record can be found in the central library, now twenty thousand leagues under the sea.

She likes phoenix riding, dragon fighting and painting the roses red.

More here:

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  1. Thank you for an amazing experience and for all the reviewers that loved my books!

    Everything must have an ending. And so the first Funny Fairy Tales blog tour is complete.

    What a blog tour it was!!!

    Thank you everyone for the great reviews and for the readers who participated in the $50 Amazon or B/N GC draw (winners will be shortly announced).

    Scroll down for excerpts from the book reviews.
    During this amazing blog tour Funny Fairy Tales 4 - Hansel and Gretel came out, and I can confirm Funny Fairy Tales 5 - Rapunzel is now in editing.
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    "Reut Barak has really hit this collection out of the park. Each of these installments are familiar, yet fresh. They have unique and fun twists on them and a whole lot of humor and wit thrown in. I love re-tellings and re-imaginings of classics.

    I think each of these are great quick and hilarious reads for anyone looking for an escape and laugh.

    My personal favorite of these three was Cinderella. I think the allergy aspect was ingenious and ironic.

    Characters you couldn't stand are now good? I loved how fun these were! Get them all!"
    Funny Fairy Tales 1 – Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    "There once was a magician, a magic mirror, and Anagrola. Anagrola was unhappy and talked the magician into giving her his magic mirror, Shraga and let her go marry a king which he did after a lot of debate. But Anagrola was still unhappy and focused on her looks and bothered Shraga all the time. He finally told her that Snow White, the kings daughter from a previous marriage was prettier than her. Anagrola get jealous and tries to get rid of her but Snow White finds employment with seven dwarfs that need some serious management. But when Anagrola learns Snow White is still alive she sets out to try and poison her with several apples.
    This is a cute retelling of Snow White. Personally I like the mirror and could see him planning some way to knock himself off the wall in an attempt at suicide. Anagrola was spiteful and vain and takes it serious when Shraga tells her Snow White, who is no beauty in this story, is prettier than her. Of course the dwarves are hilarious and the whole using an apple to try and kill the girl was over the top."
    Funny Fairy Tales 2 – Cinderella
    "Cinderella has a wonderful family life with two caring step-sisters, a step-mother, and her father who is out exploring. But she is allergic to everything and keeps herself locked in the attic where she can keep it clean, make everyone’s cloths, and go insane. Her sisters feel sorry for her and hire a sorceress to enchant Cinderella so she can attend the ball where the prince is looking for a wife. All seems to be going well and they are to be married when the sisters become jealous and have the spell reversed.
    This is a cute story. Cinderella is nuts from her allergies yet has a chance at a normal life. Too bad her step-sisters become jealous and reverse the spell. I really liked how the sorceress is named Alice and can create rabbit holes to change people’s lives."
    Funny Fairy Tales 3 – Red Riding Hood
    "Red’s grandmother was a nasty old woman. She was so jealous of her granddaughter that she tried to embarrass her with a bright red hood and told her horror stories of wolves. But when red hoods became the fashion Red got very famous. Then the press learned about her grandmother and Red tries to go on the run. She runs into a wolf and trouble ensues.
    The grandmother is an evil and jealous woman and took joy in terrorizing Red. When Red gets famous of course everything goes well until her past comes into play and everyone starts looking down on her. I loved the whole mix up with the wolf and the mushrooms. I really like where Red ended up and especially her grandmothers new location."

  2. (continued)
    Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
    In this funny retelling Snow White isn't your average princess, the evil step-mother has a chip on her shoulder and the magic mirror isn't taking any crap. This quick retelling had me laughing with parallels to the current world, with a queen overly obsessed with beauty and receiving sarcastic and incorrect information from an overly sarcastic magic mirror and the dwarves being the smartest people around, the fairy tale world doesn't seem too far removed from our current state. However, the fairy tale world does have a bit of magic that seems to be able to set everything right.

    Cinderella happens to be allergic to everything, dust, pollen, cats, tree nuts, soy, you name it; so she keeps her small space in the attic ridiculously clean. Luckily, Cinderella has a very supportive family. In a mish-mash of fairy tales, Cinderella's step-sisters find her a fairy Godmother to get her to a ball with a prince. Through several humorous stumbles, it is Cinderella who needs help to remember her prince. I loved how the story could be turned upside down, but still have the same outcome, well- prettymuch. Another fun and quick fairytale retelling.

    Little Red Riding Hood
    Little Red Riding Hood has an absolutely evil grandmother who likes to scare her with wolf stories. Little Red is smart and popular and basking in celebrity, that is until the press found out about her evil grandmother. Red flees to the woods where she runs into the wolf, and some magic mushrooms and some trouble. I loved that this story incorporated a lot of modern jargon, but also examines what effect point of view can have on the outcome of the story. This one was my favorite since Little Red gets to incorporate a little bit of evil on the inside.

    Each of these stories, in true fairy tale fashion, ends with a lesson. With a shorter length and engaging flow, these books are great to read on the go.

  3. (continued)
    Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

    My Impressions: Another retelling of the Grimm Tales…really? But what can I say, I’m a sucker for a well-turned ‘Tale (tee hee). But seriously a cute premise and some amusing teasers and taglines won me over.

    The Plot Thins: So, this is a modern spoof of the original Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs. It’s a fable in the truest sense of the word…the short, simple story of the intelligent, not-quite beautiful but hard-working heroine Snow White…who is well-liked by everyone except her step-mother (the queen). The queen stupidly plots to kill Snow with a poisoned apple (see next section for more on this). The seven dwarfs are actually artisans each with their own special talent. This is a source of much humor during the multiple attempts on Snow’s life by her apple-wielding step mother.

    Lore and Lunacy: The story pokes fun at some of the classic elements of the original tale. Snow White herself and her incandescent beauty…she’s just ok-looking in this version. The ridiculously vein step-mother and the poison apple she employs as a murder weapon. The Dwarfs don’t fall for the old poison apple trick…so she runs through a bushel or two before Snow finally eats one (tee hee). And lastly, the magic mirror. He’s not just a rhyming enabler anymore…but a snarly hater who tells the Queen (Step)mother where to get off…lol.

    The Verdict: Over too quick, but I liked it. Short, cute, and funny. It made me laugh. Plus, this was a nice break from some of the darker full-lengths that I read.
    My Impressions: Light-hearted…and charming as expected.

    The Plot Thins: Like the first book, this is a modern spoof of a classic Grimm Tale. This time the author takes Cinderella and her step-sisters out for a night on the town. Cinderella is a dust-busting neat-freak who’s allergic to just about everything but air. Because of all the sneezing, wheezing, rashes, and Benadryl, she’s become a socially-repressed shut-in. (I guess they didn’t have internet there.) Her step-sisters are some-timey…nice, then naughty, then nice again. The step-mother turns out to be Mommie Dearest…no surprise there. And lastly, Alice (yes, that Alice) makes a cameo as the blonde-haired, blue-dress-wearing fairy Godmother.

    Lore and Lunacy: There’s some hilarious drivel about a naked dream and an allergy-curing rabbit hole. It’s difficult to explain without sounding like a loon myself. Anyhoo, like its predecessor, this is a fable…which means, there is a moral lurking in the woods along with Alice. Moral: Never trust your step-mother. They’re always evil. (Clearly, the Grimms had some mommy issues.)

    The Verdict: Reads like a plot outline. Still, its short, cute, and funny. Thus, I’m happy.
    Red Riding Hood
    My Impressions: Light and fun.

    The Plot Thins: Red gets famous overnight due to her fashion-forward Hood-wearing. (who knew.) On the cover of Medieval vogue. Most date-able bachelorette. Then her background with evil Grandma comes out and all her popularity vanishes. She has to go on the lam.
    Red goes into the woods to hide from the shame. Meets wolf and is afraid because of all the scary stories Grandma told her about wolves. She talks to the wolf, because the hood allows her to understand animals. While fleeing from the benign wolf, Red eats some hallucinogenic mushrooms. And to make a short story…even shorter…Everyone gets arrested. The evil grandma for trying to eat an endangered species, the wolf for trying to seduce a minor, and Red for consumption of mind-altering mushrooms. The three hatch a plan to let the wolf escape. And then they leave town. Grandma continues her life of evil in Salem, while Red goes to Harvard. Its all very odd. Yet amusing.

    Minor Beefs: What? No romance? *cries softly*

    Random Grey Matter: Why not re-write all the most popular fairy tales…Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzel…etc, and release it as a kicking Modern Fairy Tale Spoof-ology?

    The Verdict: Quick read, low-maintenance fun.
    Let the tale begin!

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