Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Review Wrap Up: The Prospective Princess by @KaryRader #giveaway

New Adult Fantasy Romance
Date Published: September 23, 2014
Giving up the beautiful Lady Brislyn is only the first step toward Commander Marchant saving her from Darkness—and then winning her heart.

Five years ago Lady Brislyn of Komissa fell in love. Five years ago her heart was broken, never to be mended. But when one careless act finds her abducted by marauders and forcibly betrothed to a seductive enemy prince, there’s only one man she can count on to free her: Her father’s brilliant—and devastatingly handsome—military commander. The very man who rejected her.
Five years ago, Commander Marchant rebuffed the fifteen-year-old daughter of his duke. Now she is a woman grown, a Gifted musician whose song captured his heart. Yet Brislyn is not so easily reclaimed. To save her from one royal suitor, he must make a show of engaging her to another. Then March will rescue the kidnapped lady or die in the perilous journey to reach her. If he can survive the storms, the pirates, and the princes, he will win back Brislyn’s heart.

 This novel has a current Amazon Rating of 3.7*'s.
Get your copy for just $0.99!


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Kary Rader is an award-winning author, stay-at-home mom, and part-time Twitter sage, because one shouldn’t have to use more than 140 characters to impart wisdom.
She lives with her husband, three kids, and one low-maintenance kitty cat in Dallas/Ft.Worth Metroplex.
Whether contemporary or fantasy, spicy or sweet, her stories always have true love, romance, and lots of humor.

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