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Review Wrap Up: The Space Between by Kristie Cook

New Adult Paranormal Romance
Date to be Published: 4/5/2013

When Life Falls to Pieces, Answers Lie in the Space Between

After a month-long dance tour through Italy, 20-year-old Leni Drago returns to Georgia to care for her great-uncle, only to find him gone, the home they shared empty and any evidence he ever existed wiped out. All that’s left is a journal she can’t open.

Jeric Winters has been searching for a piece of his past for over a year, only to reach a dead-end in Georgia. When an urgent and magnetic pull draws him out of his hotel room, he comes face-to-face with the beautiful dancer who’s been haunting his dreams day and night.

Jeric’s one to stay away from—a bad-boy, hit-it-and-quit-it typ —but Leni can’t escape the fervent feelings between them. As their own existences begin to crumble around them and shadowy forms that are more monsters than men attack, they realize there’s more to the connection between them than physical

To solve the riddle their lives have become, they must embark on a journey that requires them to face their pasts and release their true souls. And they must do it fast—dark ones from another world are closing in, intent on killing them. Permanently.




This Book has averaged a 4*6 Rating from reviewers during this tour.
Current Amazon Rating of 4.8*'s.
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Writing a review of The Space Between is hard--I don't want to say much about the story line for fear of revealing too much. This New Adult paranormal romance features a couple, dancer Leni and model Jeric, who accidentally meet in Italy. They are like magnets, inexplicably drawn to each other, though neither knows why. When Leni returns home to the US, Leni has to follow. From there their lives begin to drastically change. A world and events they never knew about is revealed. As their attraction draws them closer they must face the threats in order to stay alive and find out exactly what is going on between them.

Strong characters and a well realized world drew me into The Space Between. Leni is feisty and fun as she celebrates her last night with a dance troupe in Italy. As her home life crumbles, she is forced to delve deeper into everything and figure out what the strange leather bound book contains. She can't shake her strange feelings for underwear model Jeric.   Why does she feel empty when he's not around? Jeric is a bad boy, such a player, and has no problem with the strange women who pick him up. When he spots the girl from his dreams in Italy, his life is seriously changed. He doesn't want to think about others, just the spirited girl with wild curls and green eyes.

Both characters were well written and the settings were vividly painted I felt I was there. The first half of the story was slower paced building up with tension as these two meet and figure out the obstacles plaguing them. The subject was refreshing and uniquely  created. I liked Leni but was't crazy about Jeric. The paranormal aspect did surprise and intrigue me. Kristie Cook has a nice way of bringing scenes to life and making readers experience her character's emotions so strongly. 

Kristie pens "The Space Between" the first book in 'The Book of Phoenix' series,  in an unique and original plot in her own amazing writing style. Her characters were very well developed and they draw you right into the story line as though you were right there. This book had me crying and laughing throughout and had a hard time putting it down. I can't wait for the next installment to come.

I give "The Space Between" a 5 star rating.

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Kristie Cook is a lifelong, award-winning writer in various genres, from marketing communications to fantasy fiction. She continues to write the Soul Savers Series, a New Adult paranormal romance/contemporary fantasy, with the first four books, Promise, Purpose, Devotion and Power available now and the next book coming in June 2013. She’s also written a companion novella, Genesis: A Soul Savers Novella, currently available. Over 160,000 Soul Savers books have been sold, with Promise peaking at #54 on the Amazon Top 100 Paid list and at #1 in the Amazon Fantasy category.

The Space Between, which releases April 2013, kicks off her second New Adult paranormal series, The Book of Phoenix. 

Besides writing, Kristie enjoys reading, cooking, traveling and riding on the back of a motorcycle. She has lived in ten states, but currently calls Southwest Florida home with her husband, three teenage sons, a beagle and a puggle. She can be found at:

Author's Website & Blog: http://www.KristieCook.com
Soul Savers Series Website: http://www.SoulSaversSeries.com

Review Wrap Up: A Glimpse of Her Soul by Stuart Jaffe

Young Adult Fantasy
Date Published: 2/11/13

When 16-year-old Gillian Boone discovers that a secret message has been etched into her soul, her world of normal teenage life is destroyed. Now, bizarre monstrosities try to kill her so they can read this message as her soul departs, hoping its information will guide them back to the world they came from.

Though she has the aid of her father and some new friends, there is only one who has the real 
power to help. A rogue monster named Jackhammer Jack. But he might want her secret, too, even as he helps her evade the clutches of those pursuing her.

With threats surrounding her, Gillian will have to lead her allies in a struggle for survival - a 
struggle all the more treacherous when her allies are just as dangerous as her enemies.

Filled with action, excitement, magic, a touch of romance, and mystery, A Glimpse of Her Soul is 
a pulse-pounding ride you're sure to enjoy.



This Book has averaged a 4*1 Rating from reviewers during this tour.
Current Amazon Rating of 4*'s.
Get this book for $3.99 !

Wow! What a fun book! I really enjoy unpredictable, unusual books like this! I really enjoyed this story! It's got a lot of cool elements that I've not seen in YA Horror/Fantasy before! Gillian is a unique character and the idea that her soul has a secret message, is just ..well neat!

I liked this book. It had it's moments where it got slow, but those were few and far between and honestly made the story a bit more stronger..if that makes sense? The brief respites from the action made the plot simmer and develop more depth!

Great book! 

Stuart pens "A Glimpse of Her Soul" in an original plot filled with twists and turns that kept me glued to my kindle. A dark thriller with well developed and extremely interesting characters that was a bit scary even to me, someone who thrives on thrills and horror. Highly recommended for all horror, fantasy fans.

I give "A Glimpse of Her Soul" a 5 star rating.

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Stuart Jaffe is the author of The Max Porter Paranormal-Mysteries, The Malja Chronicles, The Bluesman series, and much more. His short stories have appeared in numerous magazines and anthologies. He is the co-host of The Eclectic Review - a weekly podcast about science, art, and well, everything. For those who keep count, the latest animal listing is as follows: one dog, four cats, one albino corn snake, one Brazilian black tarantula, three aquatic turtles, one lop-eared rabbit, twenty chickens, and a horse. Thankfully, the chickens and the horse do not live inside the house.

Cover Reveal: The Tale of the Valiant Hero Kenta

Cover Reveal

The Tale of the Valiant Hero Kenta

By Ezra Jonah Jacobs

Date Published: March 22, 2013


Kenta Takeyama is a 16 year old martial artist who possesses superhuman strength and abilities and the Takeyama -ryuu fighting art. He desires to become the most powerful shogun on the Nikkoujima (Sun Light Islands), as there are much more powerful  men in the world. He lives with his father Tesshin, who trained him in the martial arts, and  his mother Amaya, who is the former princess of a royal family and master fighter; his little  sister Mana, who wants to become a famous play actress and open her own production studio,  as well as his pet bear Kumomori, whom he had since he was 4. Kenta finds that it’s time to follow his dreams of becoming a great and powerful shogun (using his power to protect people  and build more homes and villages, help the poor and starving, rather than just for pomp and  circumstance. 

He wants the people to live in peace and prosperity with no fear, as the world is  already entering another age of war. Essentially, he wants to change the country). And so, with his parents’ permission, he decides to travel to Senkyou to enlist in the military and become  a true samurai warrior. He feels confident that the can do so after going through many trials  and travels through his childhood, and training under the  tutelage of his father in his family’s  martial arts styles.

During the first part of the novel, after a little love fiasco with his childhood friend  Yumine who has a crush on him and sparring with some buddies, he travels the lush and vibrant  island and helps many different people out. As Kenta reaches Senkyou, he meets new rivals  and friends, such as Natsumi, a new love interest and Hayate, a mysterious ninja who wants  to raise up his own organization of ninja mercenaries. During basic training, he discovers that  the capital is being attacked by powerful youkai. The powerful beasts appear and disappear in  a flash, even the temple priests are having trouble.

Does the Great Tengu King of the Gogonji mountain territory  know anything about these attacks? Do our heroes stand a chance against  these swift and powerful foes?  What is the reasoning behind all of this carnage?

Note: The genre is apart of the 'wuxia' (martial arts fiction) works of literature. It is a ancient style originating from Tang Period China (5th century AD). The style places great attention to detail during fight scenes (punches, kicks, combinations, throws, etc.) as well as giving attacks exotic names, a convention originating from Chinese martial arts. It may take some getting used to, yet will very quickly become easier to follow as you read. -Ezra

Ezra Jonah Jacobs

Author Bio

Ezra Jonah Jacobs was born in 1988 in Atlanta, Georgia. He was raised in the suburbs 45 minutes outside of Atlanta by his father and mother, having one older brother. Growing up in a small country town, there was plenty of farmland and open plains to play and run around, a good place to let his young imagination run wild. When not outside, he was usually reading, drawing pictures, or playing video games. He has also had an interest in martial arts since the age of 6, first gaining an interest after watching a Bruce Lee documentary and seeing a movie by the name of Street Fighter. He started emulating the techniques he saw in these movies. It was also around this age he became interested into becoming an author after hearing his teacher read a book to his class. He would be influenced more by other books throughout grade school either by going to the library or during in-school readings.

In Jr. High School, Jacobs developed an interest in many new different mediums, including manga (Japanese comics) and ancient world literature, such as Don Quixote and Beowulf (already having some world literature in his background the form of Gulliver’s Travels and Aesop’s Fables while in Elementary school). He also first came across ancient stories of kung fu masters with enough strength to slay lions, enough speed to out run a cheetah, and being able to lighten their bodies enough to walk on egg shells. He found these stories rather fascinating and would spend time reading them, while at the same time trying to find more.

During his time in high school, world literature reads had expanded. He also began reading more of a genre called Wuxia (martial arts fiction), in particular Jin Yong, and was greatly fascinated by the scope of the stories as well the detailed battle sequences. To him it was as if he were watching a kung fu movie unfold before his very eyes. He thought this genre was rather interesting, especially since it influenced all of his other favorite mediums as well, even theater.

At college, Jacobs finally made the conscious decision to become an author. It was during this time, after class that he would spend time typing up many different stories. Many being one-shots (one long chapter), while others became full length novels. He began trying different genres and styles out until reading Jin Yong’s “A Smiling, Proud Wanderer”. He then decided to give wuxia a try and began working on a novel of such style. He had developed many early versions of his current stories, eventually editing and reforming them into what they are now. He also began reading many other novels around this time, such as Musashi, even more ancient world literature such as Canterbury Tales, The Divine Comedy, and The Faerie Queen, as well as many other things that would later influence his works.

Jacobs graduated from Oglethorpe University in Atlanta, Georgia with a Major in Literature and a Minor in Arts. He also studied karate while on campus during these years. As he wrote, he always had in mind to create stories that would give his readers the impressions they were almost watching a movie or a TV show, something interesting and exciting yet bearing the allure of a novel. Jacobs currently resides in Atlanta, Georgia. When not writing, he is usually reading from his extensive book collection, taking walks in the city, and training.

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Cover Reveal: Hope's Reign by Selina Fenech

Hope's Reign
Selina Fenech
YA Fantasy
Book Two in Memory's Wake Trilogy
Date Published: May 10, 2013


Everything is slipping away from Memory. The bond of friendship between her, Eloryn, Roen, and Will, that was formed while running for their lives is tearing. In a world that doesn’t feel like home, with a mind filled with nothing but questions, Memory struggles to be true to herself… whoever that is. When her past self starts haunting her, she knows her sanity could be the next thing she will lose.

Selina Fenech

Born in 1981 to Australian and Maltese parents, Selina lives in Australia with her husband, an unnamed cat. During her life Selina has found ancient Roman treasure, survived cancer, had knights joust at her wedding, been mugged for doughnuts, made a living as a visual artist, and shared her imaginary worlds in paintings and now in her novels.

Contact Links

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Review Wrap Up: Girls Love Travis Walker by Anne Pfeffer

New Adult Contemporary
Date Published: 3/15/13

To nineteen-year-old high school dropout Travis Walker, women are like snowflakes--
each one different, but beautiful in her own way.
He can charm any girl he meets, and yet down deep he fears he'll always be a loser like his jailbird father. As the landlady threatens to evict him and his sick mother, Travis takes a job he hates and spends his evenings picking up girls at a nearby night spot.
When he enlists in a teen program at the local fire station, he finds out he’s amazing at it. Then he meets the smoking hot Kat Summers, enlists Kat’s friend Zoey to help him woo her, and falls in love for the first time ever. But he keeps the details of his life secret. His girl will never love him back if she knows the truth about him….


A Male Pov done right. Anne pfeffer has given travis a voice that speaks to readers. Powerful and heartbreaking yet romantic and sweet. This one is sure to bring you through a variety of emotions

This Book has averaged a 4*8 Rating from reviewers during this tour.
Current Amazon Rating of 4.4*'s.
Get this book for $.99 !


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Author Bio:

Anne Pfeffer is the author of Any Other Night and The Wedding Cake Girl.  She lives in Los Angeles, CA.

Twitter @AnnePfeffer1

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Review Wrap Up: Jacobs Project by Samuel J.M. King

Collection of Short Stories 
 Jacobs Project and The First Angry 'Man' (a total of 15,000 words)

The mid 22nd century. It is in many respects a world we would recognize. Like our own,  it’s a world with instantaneous, worldwide communications, computers of ever increasing  sophistication and permanent human occupancy of outer space. But it is also a very different  world—a world where the riddle of “artificial intelligence” has been solved and our intelligent  creations live amongst us… And that’s the problem. Technology’s ability to create these marvels has outpaced society’s ability to cope with them.  Imbued with all of the characteristics that make us human, they are none-the-less not human,  and… they are sold in stores to anybody with the means to pay. The ramifications are obvious,  yet for some reason they weren’t seen in advance, and as SYMBIOSIS unfolds, that failure leads  to tragic consequences.


23 June 2047
Office of Dr. Irwin C. Jacobs, Chairman
MIT Cybernetics Dept.

Irwin Jacobs, renowned cyberneticist, waited impatiently for neurologist Tom Wilson's
answer. "Well?"
Tall and impeccably dressed, Wilson shook his head emphatically. "They'll absolutely tear
you to pieces, Irwin."
"They'll have to catch me first."
The neurologist cast a dubious glance at his squat, balding and rumpled friend. "Well, that
should take all of three seconds," he said, laughing.
"Never mind. What I want to know is whether you'll join me or not. You're the best brain
man in the business, and I could sure use your help. It'll be one hell of a journey."
"Oh, I'm sure it will be—straight into professional obscurity. I just don't understand why
you're going down this path. It's not as if no one has ever experimented with neural arrays
"Ah, but no one else has seen their full potential," Jacobs countered. "Annnd, no one else
has ever built an organic array."
"Right, and there's a very good reason for that. Nobody knows how. And even if you solve
that problem you've still got to interface the damn thing with your electronics. Another near
impossible task. So, I'll ask you again, why go there?"
"You of all people should know, unless you've got a line on hardware that can match the
networking and switching capacity of the brain. Throw in the ability to create new pathways by
rewiring itself, and I'd say you're on to some piece of hardware."
"You're insane."
Jacobs laughed. "Maybe."
"Maybe? You've spent your entire career establishing yourself as the go to guy in AI and
cybernetics. You're throwing it all away."
"What I've spent my entire career doing is failing, forty years of it. Forty years of
developing increasingly complex systems. Forty years of designing algorithms so elegant they're
virtual works of art but ultimately take me farther and farther from where I want to go. The
simple fact is, no matter how sophisticated we make the computers and the programs that run
them, they're still incapable of doing what a six year old child can do… think."
"By think, you mean self aware?"
Jacobs hesitated. His friend's question sounded very much like an indictment. "So?"
"So, nobody serious has thought about doing that for quite a while now, and you know it.
It's no longer the Holy Grail of AI."
"Well, it's still my Holy Grail. It's the reason I went into this field." He lowered his voice and
added, "I really want to do this, Tom. I always have, ever since I was a kid. Getting older hasn't
changed that."



This Book has averaged a 4*8 Rating from reviewers during this tour.
Current Amazon Rating of 5*'s.
Get the first for FREE !

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Samuel J.M. King was born in Boston, Massachusetts, grew up on the “South Shore” and
attended high school in historic Plymouth. Tired of school at the tender age of seventeen,
he joined the Marine Corps and after basic training, spent the next eighteen months—you
guessed it!—going to school. A stint at the Naval Communications Training Center in Pensacola,
Florida was followed by nine months at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey, California
studying Russian. He spent the remainder of his four-year enlistment in Japan.

After receiving an honorable discharge, he attended a computer programming school and
spent a number of years in computer applications, first as a programmer and then as a systems
analyst, designer and project leader. Later, he traded in his application’s hat for a more
technical role, becoming a field software support specialist for Digital Equipment Corporation,
the largest of the late, great mini-computer companies. After moving to New Hampshire, he
studied Computer Engineering Technology at the New Hampshire Technical Institute and went
on to design and program computerized industrial control systems for companies across New

Having written a prodigious amount of technical documentation, he began to write fiction in
2002. In addition to Symbiosis, he has written a screenplay, as well as several other novellas
and short stories. He currently resides with his wife Donna in the heart of New Hampshire’s
“Lakes Region” where he is working on the final novel of the Symbiosis series: East of the Sun
and West of the Moon.