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Week Blitz: My Friend Jackson by Christopher D. Ochs #promo #yafantasy #urbanfantasy #rabtbooktours



YA Urban Fantasy

Date Published: 10/1/2020

Publisher: anigrafx,LLC

An ancient guardian chose her. Neither the guilty, nor the innocent, nor she are safe.

Fresh out of the Projects, Jasmine’s days are filled with emotional, physical, and cyber abuse at the hands of her new school’s queen bees. With her parents mostly absent, Jasmine latches onto Bibi, a grandmotherly figure from Tanzania, and her beloved pet chameleon, Jackson. Rivalries, jealousies and hatred escalate the violence toward Jasmine to a murderous level, until a monstrous force intervenes with deadly consequences. When she discovers the secret behind her unholy avenger, Jasmine takes the offensive, becoming a merciless force more terrifying than her worst tormentors. But choices have consequences. Some more horrific than others.

Can Jasmine untangle her life and reclaim her identity, her life—her soul—from her inscrutable guardian, while eluding the police and those who seek revenge?


Halfway down the latest alley, her ears pricked up at the sound of a footstep. Before she could turn around, her world went blinding white with pain.

Jasmine doubled over in the back doorway of a Chinese food joint, gasping for air between two dumpsters reeking of rotting meat and burnt soy sauce. Her ribs were aflame and the back of her skull felt like it had been split by a jackhammer. She reached for her searing scalp, and her backpack tumbled off her shoulder, clanging against the dumpster.

Bitch, I told you to stay away from Caleb. He’s mine!”

Jasmine gathered her rubbery legs underneath her to stand, steadying herself against the nearest dumpster. Her vision returned, rippled with wet blurs that might have been tears, snot, or blood.

In the long shadows cast by distant streetlights, Nevaeh’s face burned out of the darkness, livid with rage.

Jasmine’s abs clenched, trying to squeeze behind her spine, when she recognized the signs of a girl prepped for a throwdown. Earrings gone. Hair tied tight behind her head. Face slicked with a sheen of Vaseline to deflect blows and scratches.

What the hell do I do now?

The oversized heavy steel ring emblazoned with a prominent gold initial “C” no longer hung from her necklace. It was on the middle finger of Nevaeh’s fist. A tuft of Jasmine’s frizzy hair dangled from it.

That ring—it ain’t her bling, it’s Caleb’s.

The tendons of Nevaeh’s knuckles quivered, taut as bridge cables. She shoved Jasmine backward against the wall with her free hand.

Jasmine whimpered as her head thumped against brick. The world’s loudest gong clanged in her ears. Her legs buckled, helpless against the ground that seemed to spin under her. She kept her eyes glued on Nevaeh’s burning scowl, the only thing that kept her consciousness from tumbling upside-down.

Jasmine’s accusing stare only infuriated Nevaeh even more.

Can’t you take a fuckin’ hint? Don’t you know you ain’t wanted, ho? Our team don’t want you. Caleb don’t need you. And I sure as shit want you gone!”

Nevaeh raised her fist again. “Die, bitch!” Putting her full weight behind it, she swung, aiming Caleb’s ring straight for Jasmine’s face.

A glistening blur of dark umber shot out from behind the other dumpster. It wrapped around Nevaeh’s head, and a muffled scream flooded Jasmine’s ears. Nevaeh clutched at the glistening slimy blob, but her attempts to claw the suffocating mass away from her face proved futile.

A split second later, Nevaeh’s whole body snapped away like a rag doll.

Caleb’s heavy steel and gold ring clattered on the asphalt.

Nevaeh’s strangled gurgling made Jasmine’s gut twist. Somewhere beyond the dumpster came a slurping rasp, as if from a giant bowl of ramen. The sound of tearing cloth and rending flesh was followed by the sickening crack of bone.

Jasmine curled into a ball, raw terror forcing her knees into her chest. Her feet twitched with every shallow ragged breath. She clamped her head between her hands, but the horrific sounds still reached the spinning pit of her darkest fears.

The dull murmur of the streets had reclaimed the alley, and her sense of up and down returned. Righting herself against one dumpster, she wiped the stinging sweat and tears from her eyes and squinted into the murky light.

What the fuck just happened?

About the Author

Christopher D. Ochs' foray into writing began with his epic fantasy Pindlebryth of Lenland: The Five Artifacts. Several of his short stories have been published in the Greater Lehigh Valley Writers Group and Bethlehem Writers Group anthologies and websites. Using his skills learned with the Lehigh Valley Storytelling Guild, he crafted a collection of mirthful macabre short stories, If I Can't Sleep, You Can't Sleep. His latest work, the gritty YA urban fantasy/horror, My Friend Jackson, has earned 5-star ratings from Indies Today and Readers’ Favorite.

His current literary projects include:

short fiction in BWG's and GLVWG's upcoming anthologies, and Firebringer Press' next entry in their Eternity series;

a sci-fi/horror novel Sentinel of Eternity;

a prequel novella and a second novel in the Pindlebryth of Lenland saga.

Chris has too many interests outside of writing for his own damn good. With previous careers in physics, mathematics, electrical engineering and software, and his incessant dabblings as a CGI animator, classical organist, voice talent on radio, DVD and anime conventions, it's a wonder he can remember to pay the dog and feed his bills.

Wait, what?

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Tour Wrap Up: They Call Me Gomer... by JC Miller


NA Urban Christian Fiction

 Date Published: Release day Nov. 5th 2020

Publisher: Jess, Mo’ Books LLC


"Dear Diary, On September 3, 1982, two things happened that I'll never forget: I acquired an older sister, and I fell in real love. But tell me, what does an eight-year-old know about love?"


For nearly a decade, Hosea Felix and Gomer Williams were inseparable. She loved him from the moment she laid eyes on him. Their friendship was iron-clad until temptation rocked Gomer to her core. Somewhere along the way, she fell for another guy and traded young love for instant pleasure. Not only is Jeri Cole fine—he is a bonafide gangsta, unattainable, and off-limits. Jeri was all Gomer could think about, and the only thing she thought she wanted. Despite her big sister already laying claim to him, not much could stop Gomer from clawing at the possibility of love and diva status. Getting with Jeri felt right...but at what cost?


Gomer never backed down. She is the original bad girl—ratchet, bougie, and insatiable. Feel like you wanna dislike her? Well, get in line.


They Call me Gomer… JC Miller's sophomore spin-off novel enthralls readers with a deeply woven, emotionally heart-tugging take on the Book of Hosea. By examining rape culture, drug addiction, family secrets, and the vulnerabilities of young Black girls in pursuit of fortune and fame, this contemporary tale gives those in search of a good dra-mance all the feelings!


She will chase after her lovers but not catch them; she will look for them but not find them. Then she will say, "I will go back to my husband as at first, for then I was better off than now.  Hosea 2:7


Currently a 4.8* Rating on Amazon.
Read FREE With Kindle Unlimited

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JC Miller lives in the scenic Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania with her husband, children, and floppy-eared Bassador pup.

Raised by a single-mother in the Bronx, JC pulls from early experiences to showcase the soul of the ghetto through faith-based novels. She also dedicates much of her time uplifting women via her blog and creating content with partner MR Spain, through their publishing company, Jess, Mo’ Books LLC. 

On her days off, you can find JC whipping up her famous Red Velvet Cake and listening to songs from her impressive vinyl record collection.


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Tour Wrap Up: Flawed but Fabulous by Michelle Best



Embracing a Better You

Christian, Spiritual Growth, Christian Mentorship

Date Published: Nov 24, 2020

Publisher: Clay Bridges Press


Have you ever noticed that you are a greater cheerleader for others than yourself?

Imagine what you could accomplish if that same energy you applied to others' success was used on you. In our Christian walk, sometimes we need a reminder of our internal tools. One of our greatest tools is to allow faith to conquer fear. This book is meant to challenge all the negative images and thoughts we often have about ourselves.

It will encourage readers to envision and take advantage of opportunities to promote a different outcome. In this book, the reader will be challenged to participate in self-reflection and deal with the hard issues, because avoidance is never deliverance. Know what you can handle and how to deal with it in a positive way. No matter how many bruises, scars, or flaws, there is a "fabulous" within you waiting to come forth.




Currently a 5* Rating on Amazon! 

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Michelle Best grew up in Rocky Mount, North Carolina, under the leadership of her grandfather, the late Bishop F. C. Barnes. She has worked in the healthcare industry for more than 19 years and holds an MBA in project management. Currently, Michelle is a faithful member of Monument of Praise Ministries in High Point, North Carolina, under the leadership of Bishop Kevin A. Williams. She serves on the minister's staff as well as praise & worship leader and a member of the choir. She enjoys any activity she can find to do.


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Tour Wrap Up: The Empathy Advantage by Lynne Azarchi



Non-Fiction (Parenting/Education)

Date Published:  November 4, 2020

Publisher:  Rowman & Littlefield

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png  


Bullying and cyberbullying is on the rise.  Face-to-face interpersonal skills are declining.  Narcissism is increasing.  Not only do studies show these distressing facts to be true, but we see them in the news and in our own lives.  Lynne Azarchi, Executive Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center, has the answer to these growing problems:  teaching our children empathy.  In her new book, THE EMPATHY ADVANTAGE:  Coaching Children To Be Kind, Respectful and Successful (Rowman & Littlefield; November 4, 2020), Azarchi provides the tools and strategies families can use to give their kids the gift of empathy – simultaneously setting them on the road for a more successful future and changing the world for the better.


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LYNNE AZARCHI, author of THE EMPATHY ADVANTAGE, is Executive Director of Kidsbridge Tolerance Center outside of Trenton, New Jersey—a nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering bullying prevention, anti-bias, diversity appreciation, empathy, and empowerment strategies for youth.  She is a tireless advocate for improving the lives of at-risk youth in communities across New Jersey. Kidsbridge helps more than 2,500 preschool, elementary, and middle school students and educators improve their social-emotional skills each year.  Azarchi has won many awards and her articles have been published both in newspapers and academic journals.  She is a frequent speaker to parent and teacher groups, corporations and major educational conferences.


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Tour Wrap Up: Trickery School by AJ Vanderhorst



Casey Grimes Book 2

Middle Grade Fantasy

Published Date: December 1, 2020

Publisher: INtense Publications LLC

photo add-to-goodreads-button_zpsc7b3c634.png

Twelve-year-old Casey Grimes almost died fighting the Butcher Beasts. On the bright side, he’s no longer invisible. Even better, he’s enrolled at Trickery School in the heart of Sylvan Woods—a secret forest society in charge of keeping monsters out of the suburbs. 

The campus is gorgeous, the classes are crazy, and Casey and his little sister Gloria have good friends: Luci and Robert and Jake. But Casey quickly realizes he has bigger problems than surviving Land Creature Defense and Extreme Climbing.

Magic is causing controversy at Trickery. It’s back on the curriculum after a hundred years and everyone knows Casey is responsible. Even worse, someone is out to get him, someone more cunning than a Bog Creep or Hyena Toad.

As the shadow enemy closes in, Casey races to discover why he’s being targeted. Solving the deadly mystery will take all the courage and tenacity he’s got.



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December 11 - Texas Book Nook - Review

 AJ Vanderhorst has had many jobs, including journalist, paramedic, escape artist, and baby whisperer. One time in fifth grade, he built a traffic-stopping fort in a huge oak tree, using only branches and imagination, and slept there for a week.

Now he and his wife live in a woodsy house with their proteges and a ridiculous number of pets, including a turtle with a taste for human toes. This makes AJ an expert on wild, dangerous things—invisibility spells, butcher beasts, hungry kids, you get the idea.

He is the only author in the world who enjoys pickup basketball and enormous bonfires, preferably not at the same time. He and his family have drawn up several blueprints for their future tree castle. Visit AJ online at


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