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Tour Wrap Up: The Making of Daisy Hart by Karen Tjebben @KTjebbenAuthor #review #wrapup #blogtour #giveaway #romance

Contemporary Romance
Date Published:  March 2019

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Cassie Bowmont had what it took to succeed, at least that’s what she told herself. Hoping a change of pace and new scenery would get her creative juices flowing, she rented a beach cottage in the small town of Avenel where she could dip her pen into the steamy depths of adult romance. She didn’t need or want any distractions to thwart her progress, but she hadn’t counted on Chris Walker. After deciding that he would be a great muse for the hero in her book, she realized that a summer fling with him was just what the Book Gods ordered.    

When Chris Walker spotted the small car on the shoulder of the road, his hero complex kicked in. Unable to ignore a damsel in distress, he pulled over to be a knight in a Ford F-150. He stomped through the flooded road and convinced Cassie to follow him to safety. After a goodbye wave in the parking lot of a Piggly Wiggly, he figured he’d never see her again, but Fate had other plans. When their paths crossed once more, he paused long enough to notice the delight in her eyes, the playful smirk on her glossy lips, and the determination of her spirit. His heart stuttered. His brain flooded with need, and a crack penetrated the wall around his heart. 

They knew the summer was all they’d have but falling for each other was inevitable. The pleasure of lust somehow transformed into the contentment of love. When a jilted lover returns and sabotages their relationship, they must decide if they will be prisoners to the past or sail into their future.

Current Amazon Rating of 4.7*'s.
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Karen Tjebben lives in central North Carolina with her wonderful husband, twin daughters, and two hamsters. When her girls left for kindergarten, Karen discovered that she needed to fill her days with something, and that was the beginning of her writing career. She loves to create worlds filled with unique characters that she hopes will delight and raise goose bumps on her readers. In her free time, she enjoys traveling with her husband and seeing the world through her daughters' eyes.

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Tour Wrap Up: The Face of the Seal by Jennifer Cumiskey #historicalsuspense #historical #suspense #giveaway #kindleunlimited

Historical Suspense
Publisher: Windchime Press
Date Published: 8/8/2019
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An international high-society crime and mystery with elements of noir fiction, illuminates a part of the dark history seldom revealed. 

 When Gerel Garnier, Paris’ up-and-coming jewelry designer, is commissioned by Britain’s famous art patron William Blackwell IV to create a replica of the 19th Century Qing Dynasty Empress Seal, she believes that her artist’s dream is finally coming true. Blackwell’s name and fortune could catapult her to the status of crème de la crème in the world of couture art design. Little does she know that the dream job will lure her into a web of treachery, deceit and murder.

While attending the unveiling of the original Empress Seal at the Forbidden City, Gerel stumbles on a startling secret about her family roots, and she is a woman on a mission ever since. From the Forbidden City back to Paris, she careens from dark secrets to illuminating revelation as the truth of her lineage emerges. An enlightening epiphany hits her: She Gerel Garnier, is the heir of the face of the Empress Seal–a rare gemstone that has witnessed centuries of love, hatred, faith and bloodshed.

Now the face of the seal has fallen unexpectedly into her hands. What is she going to do with the gemstone that seems to be a curse to whoever possesses it yet still hunted by the dark forces of the world?

Current Amazon Rating of 4.3*'s.
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*FREE With Kindle Unlimited*

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Jennifer Cumiskey was born and grew up in Shanghai, China. She immigrated to the United States in 1986. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and an MBA in finance. After a career in corporate finance and management consulting, she now writes full-time as an indie author. Her writings often explores the theme of clash of civilizations and illuminates the tenderness of the human heart by shining a light on its darkest corners. She resides with her husband Paul in Vienna, Virginia. She can be reached at

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Tour Wrap Up: Shoes on the Stairs by Jan Steele #blogtour #wrapup #giveaway #womensfiction @jbaby711

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Women's Fiction
Date Published: 7/27/2019
Publisher: Acorn Publishing

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Claire Blackwell can’t find that damn white light. Thanks to a mishap at an intersection, she’s dead and stuck somewhere between Heaven and what seems like Hell as she is forced to watch her husband and children unravel without her. While she struggles to find answers for her limbo state, her family begins to see her, offering what she believes, is a gift of second chances.

As she navigates through this new, untouchable world and the challenges it creates, she is forced to face some sad and potentially dangerous truths. Determined, she works to mend her relationship with her family, but her stubborn teenage son refuses to acknowledge her, and when tensions escalate with his long-time bully, her inability to control the physical world around her leaves her fearing for her family’s safety. With her time running out, she must find a way to save them before the progress she has made is lost and she fades from this world forever.

Shoes on the Stairs has a 4.8* Amazon Rating


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Jan Steele grew up in the burbs of Chicago and after thirty-two years of shoveling snow, moved to Southern California with her husband and children. She has taught everything from Kindergarten through high school but found her passion for writing years later while living as an expat in Asia for four years. She’s a contributing author of Chicken Soup for the Soul, Miracles and More (2018), shares a blog with her sister-in-law, and is an MFA student at UC Riverside. In addition to writing, she loves to travel, volunteer, watch college basketball and sunsets. She’s also passionate about shedding light on the lasting effects of bullying.

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Tour Wrap Up: Homeschooling and Working While Shaping Amazing Learners by LM Preston #nonfiction #giveaway #blogtour #wrapup @LM_Preston

Date Published: Aug 7th 2019
Publisher : Phenomenal One Press

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Homeschooling and Working While Shaping Amazing Learners is a nuts to bolts guide for working parents who want to groom exceptional learners through the flexibility of homeschooling. Learn to juggle working and homeschooling your kids while maintaining your sanity. Also, use aspects of homeschooling for after-schooling when traditional school isn’t working. Single parents are given options for executing homeschooling or after schooling methods that work in practical bits for the busy parent. Learn how to take your child from an average student to an exceptional student by exploring the possibilities shown in the section on acceleration of learning. From pre-K to Homeschooling College, open your eyes to the many options in flexibility this approach to learning can give. You can homeschool and work to shape amazing learners by exploring the possibilities.

 Plus Kickstarting Homeschooling While Working Mini-Course

Current 5* Rating on Amazon! 

iTunes: Homeschooling and Working While Raising Amazing Learners

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LM Preston is an author, engineer, former college professor, and working mother who's been married for over twenty-five years. She homeschooled 3 of her 4 children from elementary school and beyond while she and her husband worked outside their home. Three of her kids graduated with degrees by the age of 17 years old.

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Release Week: The Minimalist Babe by Lola R. Marie #selfhelp #nonfiction #giveaway #excerpt

Self-Help, Non-Fiction, General Adult
Date Published: September 7th 2019
Publisher: VisualBee Publishing

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Lola is every bit the minimalist babe - she lives simply, is intelligent and sassy, emotional and strong, calm and composed. Realizing that less is more, she traded in material possessions to focus on what was truly important to her. Lola's inspiring guide delivers real-world advice on how to consume less, clear out clutter, find authenticity, and live a life based on freedom. It is a sincere attempt to help those who want to end their obsession with stuff.

Echoing the thoughts behind Leonardo da Vinci's quote that "simplicity is the ultimate sophistication," this book teaches you how to value the simple things. From learning to declutter and live with less to living life with passion, good health, and great relationships. The Minimalist Babe is for anyone who desires a more intentional life. Drawing from real-life experiences, it is filled with stories that will teach you step-by-step how to be:

Authentic, self-assured, calm and composed, mindful, minimal and self-sufficient, financially stable, purposeful, free, healthy and happy.

So what are you waiting for?


Why am I writing this?

I’m not one to preach. In fact, I find the act of trying to convince someone of a different lifestyle quite unnatural. Everyone has their own path in life and their own timing. I understand the principles of minimalism may not be for everyone. You may now be wondering why then have I taken the time to write this book? The thing is that I believe everyone is a minimalist at heart; we were simple at birth, after all.

 I often hear others reminisce about the old days. How life was simple and vivid during childhood. Music was heavenly, the outdoors was our domain and ice cream was everything! There was an authentic nuance to life that now most of us only have access to through our memories; the bitter-sweet nostalgia.

This book is about reviving that childlike glee. It’s about happiness and what it really takes to be happy. It’s about realizing that less is more, and about letting go of your possessions and the depressions that come with it. It’s about doing away with the unessential so we can concentrate on the things that are truly important to us. Finally, it’s about living in the present and being ready to accept the wonderful things waiting to reach you.

Our need for more: One of society’s most grave and (until now) ignored illnesses.

The Minimalist Babe is about saying goodbye to the extras in life from time to time, finding happiness in having less, and finding your inner badass through your newly acquired freedom. It is the culmination of all my research; a toolbox of sorts filled with tips, techniques, exercises, and prompts that have helped me be my most authentic self.

When I’m not writing, I spend my time nurturing relationships and learning new skills. I focus on being healthy and purposeful and it’s working like magic. I am in the happiest phase of my life and want the same for each one of you. This book is an attempt to manifest that vision. Let us cut out the bitter side of nostalgia and bite into the sweetness of life that is now



About the Author

Lola Ray Marie loves to write, bathe in sunrays and ponder the mysteries of life. She is also the author of “A Morning Routine” her debut Self-Help book.

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