Friday, May 20, 2022

Tour Wrap Up: The Path 365 by Susan Newell, DNP


Daily Direction for Ladies and Mothers, Witches and Others

Self Help

Date Published: April 26, 2022

Publisher: Foxglove Studios

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Suzie Newell has her doctorate specializing in coping mechanisms for women. Her research took her into the world of neuroscience where she gained understanding into how mental health issues are related to dopamine and endorphins. Creating activities and mindsets that build these important feel good hormones is the basis for this book. The Path 365 demystifies the concepts of mind, body and spirit and allowing you to create a Path that is uniquely your own. Whatever you think, believe, or do, you can create a Path that works for you.

Currently a 4.2* Rating on Amazon


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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Tour Wrap Up: The True Purpose of Vines by Giovanna Sinisalchi



The Winemakers, Book One


Historical Romance

Date Published April 25, 2022


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"A headstrong Portuguese meets her match in the arrogant Englishman who threatens her beloved vineyards. Dive deep into Portugal's rich culture in this intoxicating story about wine and love."


Portugal, 1870


 A winemaker desperate to save her vineyards...

Julia Costa is the best winemaker in the Douro. When a greedy tradesman threatens the land her family has held for generations, Julia prepares to defend her legacy and independence by any means necessary.


The Englishman sent to uncover her secrets...

The last thing Griffin Maxwell wants is to waste time mired in a Portuguese backwater. Still, to guarantee a partnership with Oporto's largest trading firm, he agrees to travel up the Douro river and chase some reluctant debtor.


A meeting of two cultures...

Nothing prepared Griffin for the headstrong winemaker. Alluring, she tempts him into enjoying Portugal's vibrant tastes and is a threat to his carefully constructed plans. The arrogant Englishman arrived at Julia's lands, believing himself entitled to everything, including her heart. But how can she resist an attraction headier than a vintage?


An enemy too powerful to fight alone...

When a mysterious plague decimates Europe's vineyards, Griffin and Julia put differences aside to find a cure, blind-tasting their way into an intoxicating passion. But reality demands an answer: will they choose their ambitions or the love of a lifetime?

Currently a 4.5* Rating on Amazon



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About the Author

Giovanna Siniscalchi chased narrative arcs and climax points in the Nasdaq for twelve long years working as an economist. Still, her romantic imagination was wasted in the financial markets, so she decided to put it to better use: write fiction. She is married and has two great kids. Her passions are eclectic, including reading, traveling, surfing, wine, and of course, historical romance.).


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Tour Wrap Up: Charming Dr. Loveless by Annee Jones


Health Care Heroes Book 14

Contemporary Romance

Date Published: 02-02-2022

The more she pushes him away, the more he’s interested….

Kenzie McMillan just landed her dream job – she’s been promoted to Head Nurse at Mercy General Hospital and assigned to prominent cardiac surgeon Dr. Trevor Loveless. However, Kenzie soon wonders if she should have been more careful what she wished for, since the young doctor has an ego the size of Seattle. If only he weren’t so good-looking….

When Kenzie discovers that someone has been dipping into the hospital’s stash of controlled substances, she’s determined to identify the culprit. But she can't do all the detecting alone... does she dare ask Dr. Loveless for help? Will she be able to resist the attraction between them?

Currently a 4.4* Rating on Amazon


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About the Author

Annee Jones is a heartwarming romance and soon-to-be cozy mystery author who enjoys sharing her heart and imagination with others. She is passionate about writing stories that offer readers a place where dreams come true!

Professionally, Annee works as a disability counselor where she helps her clients navigate through complex medical and legal systems while rediscovering their wholeness in Spirit.

Annee also enjoys freelance writing for Publishers Weekly and multiple publishing companies.

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Sunday, May 8, 2022

Tour Wrap Up: Catch The White Tiger by Tony Assali



Date Published: April 5, 2022

Publisher: Acorn Publishing

In 1970, at the age of 17 and with only twenty-eight dollars in his pocket, Tony Assali flew to America to escape war in his homeland, Beirut, Lebanon. With the intention of establishing a foothold so that he can bring the rest of his family to safety, Tony must find work quickly. Luckily, Tony possesses a special skill: the ability to perceive white tigers, rare and valuable opportunities other people either do not see or are too afraid to pursue. From humble beginnings working in a doughnut factory, to parlaying his charm into a position selling men’s suits by the thousands, Tony fulfills his promise to his family. Then Tony dares to dream bigger, creating a thriving business that makes him a millionaire. But even with these victories, Tony still hasn’t found the white tiger he’s really looking for—the right partner to make his life complete…until a woman he can’t stop thinking about walks into his life. Complications arise, but she might just be the one, and Tony is never the type of person to let an obstacle stop him.

Currently a 4.1* Rating on Amazon

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About the Author

Tony Assali is the president of a well-established escrow company in California and new author of his autobiography, Catch the White Tiger, where he tells his story about growing up in Beirut, establishing life in America, and discovering the keys to success. The debut author has been married for 25 years. He has 4 children, 11 grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. On his time off, he enjoys drinking wine, dirt bike riding, board games, and he is a coffee connoisseur. He is blessed to have the Lord in his life, and he thanks Him daily and pays it forward as a born again Christian.

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