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Tour Wrap Up: Tabloid by @bookmaven623 #review #wrapup #blogtour #romance #contemporaryromance #romanticsuspense #giveaway

Romance with a splash of humor
Dirty Laundry #1
Date Published: 5/25/19

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1 gossip writer + 1 A-list movie star = 1 fake relationship…or does it?

After breaking a story that rocks Hollywood, Talia is the top gossip writer around. One night will put all of that into question. The writer becomes the story when she gets caught doing the walk of shame from A-lister Zee Jaxon’s home.

To save both of their reputations he suggests a fake relationship. Pretending should be easy. It shouldn’t mean the fake feelings become real. Accepting the real feelings means the lies they’ve told are even harder to hide.

When the truth comes out can their love survive or will everything just fade to black?

Current Amazon Rating of 4.3*s
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Jackie is a single mom of a rambunctious boy and his dog, Cady.  She is an avid reader with a blog under the name of The Book Maven.  Reading has been a passion of hers from the time she could pick up a Sweet Valley High book.  Writing is a new adventure where she gets to curse, be clumsy and fall in love with every page.

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Tour Wrap Up: Dying to Live by Jono Comiskey #fiction #blogtour #review #wrapup

Date Published: May 10th, 2019
Publisher: Lucid Books

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An inmate finds himself in an impossible predicament after a life-changing encounter in prison, his survival tied to three seemingly unconnected people on the outside.  Unseen forces work to destroy them before they can discover their destiny.  Divided families, destroyed careers, sexual abuse, drugs, violence, and attempted murder combine to derail their lives and thrust them into peril.  If they can find a way to overcome these obstacles, they can change their world forever; but if they fail, they will set in motion a series of events spelling destruction for future generations.  A cosmic war rages in an attempt to prevent the unleashing of hell’s agenda.  Four lives converge at the center of the battle…THREE MUST DIE SO THAT ONE MAY LIVE.

Current Amazon Rating of 5*'s! 
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Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Jono Comiskey grew up in a country that was struggling for economic stability.  Following his two older brothers, he embarked on a journey to find adventure in the land of hopes and dream-the United States of America.  Twenty years later, he is convinced more than ever that each person carries incredible potential to affect the world around them in either a positive or negative way and that their God-granted privilege is to choose which path they will follow.  Jono is married and has three wonderful children.  Having spent more than two decades in the corporate world, he now pastors Transformation Church in Conroe, Texas, which focuses on making disciples who understand their identities in Christ.

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Week Blitz: Wonder Walk by @storymummy86 #giveaway #promo #childrensbook

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Children’s Picture Books
Publisher: Iguana Books
Date Published: April 16, 2019

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Get out there with the curious Johnny and his patient Mommy, in this colourful, rhyming book, celebrating all the wonders of the everyday world. 

Sneak Peek at the first page:

 photo FirstPagewonderwalk_zpsafpjqj5i.jpg

About the Author

 photo headshot_zpsw61ahkpn.jpg
Ilham (the "H" is the same "H" as in hat) lives in Toronto, Canada, with her family that includes a very lazy cat. Toronto is called a "city within a park" for good reason, due to all its public parks and greenery in every neighbourhood, from which Ilham drew inspiration for this book while out for her own wonder walks with her kids. 

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Tour Wrap Up: Hope Alone by Ruth Meyer #christian #fiction #giveaway #wrapup #blogtour

Christian Contemporary Fiction
Book 3 of The Sola Series
Date Published: July 1, 2019
Publisher: TruthNotes Press

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Grace Neunaber may have everything she’s ever dreamed of, but sometimes it’s too much. With an infinite to-do list and not enough sleep, she can’t even get out of survival mode. Her struggles dim, however, in light of the challenges of her oldest daughter.
Thanks to a supportive family and boyfriend, Faith Williams is managing single motherhood on top of college plans. But when the father of her child re-enters her life, her carefully scheduled world is rocked. She can hardly blame him for wanting to spend time with their son, but making her boyfriend jealous and claiming to be Christian is going a bit far.
Despite Faith’s best intentions to keep everyone happy, disaster after disaster strikes, and school is suddenly the least of her worries. Grace must set aside her own difficulties so she can be there for her daughter. And in order to survive the uncertainties, Faith must loosen her grip on her grudges and cling to the hope that God is the only one in her life who hasn’t changed.

This novel has a current Amazon Rating of 4.8*'s.
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Ruth Meyer graduated from Concordia University in Ann Arbor, Michigan, with a degree in church music and no plans whatsoever to become an author. But a student of the week project for her son inspired "Our Faith From A to Z," a children's picture book. After that, it was only a matter of time before she tried her hand at fiction. As both the daughter of and the wife of a pastor, Ruth has moved around a lot and had many experiences that provide ideas for her writing. Currently, she resides in rural Texas with her husband, their five children, two dogs, and a cat. It is her hope that through her writing, readers are assured of God's grace through His Son, Jesus

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Tour Wrap Up: Section Roads by Mike Murphey #mystery #comingofage #humor #blogtour #wrapup #giveaway

 photo Section Roads - Ebook_zpsw41oo54w.jpg

Coming of Age / Mystery / Humor
Date Published: June 8, 2019
Publisher: Acorn Publishing

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When attorney Cullen Molloy attends his fortieth high school reunion, he doesn’t expect to be defending childhood friends against charges of murder… 

In a small town on the high plains of Eastern New Mexico, life and culture are shaped by the farm roads defining the 640-acre sections of land homesteaders claimed at the turn of the Twentieth Century. Cullen and Shelby Blaine explore first love along these section roads during the 1960’s, forging a life-long emotional bond.
      As junior high school band nerds, Cullen and Shelby fall under the protection of football player and loner, Buddy Boyd. During their sophomore year of high school, Buddy is charged with killing a classmate and is confined to a youth correctional facility. When he returns to town facing the prospect of imprisonment as an adult, Cullen becomes Buddy’s protector.

       The case haunts the three friends into adulthood, and it isn’t until their fortieth reunion, that they’re forced to revisit that horrible night. When a new killing takes place, Cullen, Shelby and Buddy find themselves reliving the nightmare.


         Murder is an easy thing to hide along old country section roads.

Advance Praise

“An ambitious, evocative small-town tale located somewhere between Peyton Place and The Last Picture Show.” –Kirkus Review

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Current Amazon Rating of 4.8*'s.
Get your copy for $4.99!

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 photo Author_zpslfaxxb8o.png
Mike Murphey is a native of eastern New Mexico and spent almost thirty years as an award-winning newspaper journalist in the Southwest and Pacific Northwest. Following his retirement from the newspaper business, he and his wife Nancy entered in a seventeen-year partnership with the late Dave Henderson, all-star centerfielder for the Oakland Athletics, Boston Red Sox and Seattle Mariners. Their company produces the A’s and Mariners adult baseball Fantasy Camps. They also have a partnership with the Roy Hobbs adult baseball organization in Fort Myers, Florida. They love baseball, fiction, cats and sailing. They split their time between Spokane, Washington, and Phoenix, Arizona. Mike enjoys life as a writer and old-man baseball player.

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