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Tour Wrap Up: Hidden by Megan Morgan @morgan_romance #review #wrapup #giveaway @paranormal #fantasy #pnr

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Hidden (Fire and Iceland #1)
Paranormal Romance / Urban Fantasy
Date Published: October 31, 2018
Publisher: Evernight Publishing

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After a breathtaking journey through Iceland, Vanessa Evanston finishes her dream vacation with her two best friends in the capital city of Reykjavik—and wakes up the next morning on the ground, on a tiny island 250 kilometers north, with no memory of how she got there.

Luckily, handsome and kind-hearted local Gunnar Heimirsson stumbles upon her—unluckily, he can’t explain her mysterious journey either. Nor can anyone explain why Vanessa soon discovers “last night” actually happened a year ago, and everyone thinks she’s dead.

Iceland is known for its folklore, but beyond the elves and mountain trolls, there are other creatures: beautiful, powerful, and vengeful, known as the hulduf√≥lk. Gunnar has been alive for a century, trapped by their curse after angering them. From the far flung Westfjords to the black sands of Reynisfjara, the answer to Vanessa’s missing year might be connected to Gunnar’s punishment—as well as his long-lost wife, Hera—but the truth lies somewhere in the realm of magic, myth, and love, and Vanessa has only just discovered fairy tales are real.

Current Amazon Rating of 4*'s.
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Megan Morgan is an award-winning paranormal and contemporary romance author from Cleveland, Ohio. A mild-mannered airport bar supervisor by day and purveyor of things that go bump in the night, she lives on the often-wintry shores of Lake Erie with her spoiled cat and adult son, both of whom shed too much.

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Tour Wrap Up: Of Metal and Earth by @Metal_and_Earth #review #fiction #wrapup

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Mainstream Fiction
Date Published: July 19, 2018

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In 1964, a rural town is rocked to its core when only one young man returns from Vietnam. Emotionally scarred, James hides from their pity and only finds the determination to lift himself up when he realizes what remains to be lost. He buys a little green Jeep, like the one that gave him shelter in the war, and hopes it will lead to salvation again. But the fortune it brings tarnishes, and James is left to sacrifice the thing that gave him hope for the people who need him most.

Over the next thirty years, the Jeep changes hands, passing between friends, family, strangers, and lovers. A single mother who buys a car for her reckless son nearly destroys a friendship with a man who silently loved her for two decades. An insecure youth at the start of his career learns that the most important lessons are the ones you never set out to learn. A family torn apart by their differences finds that love can be the hardest road to take. And a city architect must choose between the easy way to restoration or a difficult path that could save far more than just a rusty old Jeep.

Fans of THIS IS US, MITCH ALBOM, and NICHOLAS SPARKS will enjoy this heart-warming tale of restoration and redemption, a must read book for anyone inspired by the the resiliency of the human spirit.

This book has a Current Amazon Rating of 4.8*'s.
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A Maryland native and Pennsylvanian at heart, Jennifer M. Lane is a resident of East Norriton, PA. She holds a bachelor’s degree in philosophy from Barton College where she served as editor of the newspaper. She also holds a master’s in liberal arts with a focus on museum studies from the University of Delaware, where she wrote her thesis on the material culture of roadside memorials. She once co-hosted a daily automotive blog and served as the president of a large car club. She enjoys coffee, whiskey, Earl Grey tea, and spending time with her partner Matthew and their own 1964 Jeep CJ-5.

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Tour Wrap Up: The Mindset Accountability Journal: 40 Days to a New You by @livinglifebeyo1 #selfhelp #nonfiction #wrapup #review

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Self-help, inspirational, motivational
Date Published: December 10, 2018
Publisher: Lucid Books

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Are you stuck in a life you want to be different, but have no idea where to start?

The Mindset Accountability Journal will jump-start you to a life you can enjoy living every day. By establishing incremental daily habits, you will embark on a path to gratitude, self-growth, and fulfillment. This journal will help you:

·        Discover who you were meant to be

·        Shift your focus to what is good and wonderful in your life

·        Create an attitude of mindset growth

You will never regret taking charge of your life and living with gratitude. The journey is rewarding and challenging. It takes only 30 minutes each day to make progress with your future, one day at a time.

A portion of the book's proceeds will support BridgeHope, whose efforts enable survivors of exploitation and trafficking to THRIVE!

This book has a current Amazon Rating of 4*'s.

Get your copy for $5.99!

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Allie Hudson grew up in LaGrange, Ohio, and attended Moody Bible Institute, studying education. In 1991, she married Larry Sellers, who passed away of a heart attack in May 2009. In 2010, she married Michael Hudson who passed away of cancer just three years later. In January 2012, Allie lost her corporate job of 20 years because of downsizing in the newspaper business. Throughout this five-year period of three major losses, the only way she survived was to focus on God and trust that He had a plan for her life. After struggling to maintain a daily consistent practice of growth and gratitude, she began a 40-day challenge to practice gratitude and personal growth. That journey taught her the need to help other people develop a daily practice of thankfulness and inspired her to share 'The Mindset Accountability Journal' with the world.

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Tour Wrap Up: Scintillate by @KTjebbenAuthor #review #giveaway #youngadult #thriller

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Young Adult, supernatural romantic thriller
Date Published: November 2013

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Kate Archer is instantly drawn to Nick. He's handsome, smart, and interested in her - perhaps a little too interested according to Kate's brother. It's a good thing Nick is interested, or Kate would have died the night of the football game. Nick may have rescued Kate, but he can't stop the inevitable. Kate is changing; she just doesn't know it. She can't explain the visions and sensations affecting her body, but she can enjoy the pleasure of Nick's kiss - that is, until she learns the real reason he is with her. Betrayed by her genetics, Kate begins a metamorphosis that forces her to confront an unseen reality and claim her true destiny.

This novel has a current Amazon rating of 4.1*'s
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 photo Photo of Karen_zpsrhgawool.jpg
Storytime always captivated Karen.  As a child, she fell in love with books that transported her to different worlds and introduced her to new creatures. As a teacher, she encouraged her students to explore different times and new worlds through literature.  Now, when Karen isn’t living in reality with her husband and daughters, she can be found creating an alternate reality filled with creatures and worlds that she hopes will delight and raise goose bumps on her readers.

Where to find Karen Tjebben –

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Tour Wrap Up: The Unexpected by C.S. Coy @cscoy123 #wrapup #booktour #sciencefiction #giveaway #scifi

(Subgenre: New Adult (14+ and up)
Date Published: August 31st, 2018
Publisher: Austin Macauley Publishing USA

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Taking place in the year 2025, an invasion of alien creatures called Instinctive Outside Beings (IOBs) have taken over the world. With the world merely destroyed, a man named Clay Treston finds himself struggling within a reality he has long lost. Tortured and beaten from the impact of the IOBs, he continues to fight and protect a city full of survivors in order to hang onto a past that holds him together. But when suspicious events begin to appear, he soon learns a bigger plot beginning to unfold around him as he tries to hold himself together to fight. On the verge of losing himself and the city, he is then forced to not only learn what his true path is in the world but to put aside his feelings to finally see a new reality before him.

Austin Macauley Website

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 photo CSCOYAuthorPicture_zpsxxpoarbn.png
C. S. Coy grew up in a small town near Western New York. Majoring in Health Information Technology in college, his true passion is writing, beginning when he was a young kid. With numerous ideas and short stories in his head, it wasn’t until his college years that he began to pursue his dream to be a writer. He hopes to share his love of writing with people who can find hope and inspiration through his stories.

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