Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review Wrap Up: Trust Me by Anna Wells

Romantic Suspense / Erotic
Date Published: May 25, 2013

Lawyer  Alaina  Simmons  never  imagined  that  she  would  be  defending  her  deceased father against accusations of terrorism when she agreed to protect his legacy, a group of  documents  he’d placed  in  an  archival  repository.  FBI  Lawyer  Donovan  Prentice insists that her father and the organization he worked for were terrorists and that crucial evidence is in the documents Alaina has sworn to protect.  Now she is forced to combat the  FBI  and  her  compelling  attraction  to  Donovan  Prentice  while  unaware  that  she  is also Donovan’s suspect. 

Special  Agent  Donovan  Prentice  is  working  undercover  posing  as  a  lawyer  in  an attempt to gain access to the evidence he needs to convict a group of terrorists as well as determine if Alaina Simmons is working with them.  Things become complicated as Donovan becomes more intent on getting his suspect in bed than putting her in  jail.

When the bullets start to fly and the lies begin to unravel Alaina and Donovan begin to explore their intensely sexual relationship, but the couple will have to learn to trust each other both in and out of bed before the terrorists’ game of intrigue can end.

Warning: This book contains steamy sex scenes and amusing banter.

This Novel has a current Amazon Rating of 4.7*'s.
During the Tour, it received an average of 4.8*'s.
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I’ m happily married with two children. I love to cook, hike, bike, and hang with my girlfriends. I’m an avid romance reader and enjoy all types of romance novels including historical, contemporary, paranormal, and erotica.Oh and did I mention I have my own consulting business?I obviously had a couple of hours left in the day so I began writing romance.   I wanted to bring readers hot, sexy romances that are brought to life with compelling characters.  Who knew writing romance could be as fun as reading it! 

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